The Georgian Bay Shoreline

Kayaking on Georgian Bay With its infamous coastline and wind-tortured pines, it has inspired artists and explorers alike for a hundred years. Often referred to as the sixth Great Lake, Georgian Bay’s shoreline extends from Owen Sound in the west, Collingwood in the south and north to Killarney.

30,000 Islands Scenery

The prevailing summer breezes, safe harbours and magnificent landscapes make Georgian Bay a world-renowned destination for water adventures. Here, canoeists can follow routes once taken by the voyageurs or waterways once used for spring logging drives. The cliff-protected shoreline provides the perfect environment for sea kayaking.

Within the eastern part of the Bay lies the Georgian Bay Islands National Park and the 30,000 Islands. The Park’s Islands are accessible only by boat and the largest of the islands is Beausoleil Island. The park itself lies on the edge of the Canadian Shield and the Park islands are home to both northern and southern species of plants and animals which are found within a relatively small area. There are more kinds of reptiles and amphibians here than anywhere else in Canada. Provincial parks along the Georgian Bay shoreline are Massasauga, Killbear and Killarney Provincial Park and Wasaga Beach — the world’s longest freshwater beach.

National Parks

Along the western edge of the Bay are two other National Parks — Bruce Peninsula National Park and Fathom Five, a National Marine Park. The Bruce Peninsula Park lies along the Niagara Escarpment — a World Biosphere Reserve. The park has massive, rugged cliffs that are inhabited by thousand year old cedar trees, overhanging the crystal clear waters of western Georgian Bay. Fathom Five is Canada’s first National Marine Conservation area and underwater park. It preserves a rich cultural legacy that includes 22 shipwrecks and historic lightstations.

Other parks along the Georgian Bay shoreline are Wasaga Beach — the world’s longest freshwater beach, Massasauga, Killbear and Killarney Provincial Parks.

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